Here is what the community is saying about The Ice Barrel 

Google Reviews (5.0 Star):

Shane M. ” The ice barrel is amazing! If you are looking for an amazing way to revitalize and build your health look no further! Five stars all the way!”

John P. “Everyone should get The Ice Barrel. I just took my first ice bath and it was an incredible experience. I’m hooked.”

Janine H. “The best investment I have made on myself is my Ice Barrel! Purchased it during a time where I wanted to elevate my mind and really dig deep past my own fears. The Ice Barrel is amazing, it allows me to do my ice baths in a comfortable position and practice my breathing techniques. I love how the ice and cold water are contained within the barrel. The staff at the Ice Barrel are extremely helpful and have gone above and beyond any of my questions/needs. 5stars very well deserved.”

Killian K. “The Ice Barrel has brought quietness, stillness and clarity to my body and mind. These qualities it has brought have ushered in a platform for deep healing for me. During a deeply difficult summer. I get excited to get my ice, load it up and jump in every evening! I look forward to it through out the course of the day.”

Wyatt E. ” Cold therapy and The Ice Barrel changed my life.”

Eric H. “Exposure to extreme temperatures is part of my daily recovery routine. The Ice Barrel is my favorite way to get cold and take renewing ice baths! Use my code: “EHINMAN” for a discount on your hand crafted Ice Barrel!”