Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does The Ice Barrel ship and get delivered? 

Answer: The Ice Barrel ships LTL Freight on a single pallet and drops in your driveway, apartment complex shipping room or a warehouse (dock optional).

Question: Barrel Size Specs?


1. 225lt/59gl Empty Wieght 90lbs and Full Wieght 585lbs.

Height and Width: 22″ (top and bottom)  26″ (middle) 37″ (Tall)                                    

2. 265lt/70gl Empty Wieght 123lbs and Full Wieght 706lbs.                                                              

Height and Width: 23″ (top and bottom)  28″ (middle) 39″ (Tall)                                  

3. 300lt/80gl Empty Wieght 140lbs and Full Wieght 780lbs.                                                              

Height and Width: 24″ (top and bottom)  32″ (middle) 40″ (Tall)                                  

4. 500lt/120gl Empty Wieght 166lbs and Full Wieght 1,126lbs.                                                            

Height and Width: 30″ (top and bottom)  38″ (middle) 42″ (Tall)

Question: What barrel size is right for me?

Answer: Small: Under 5’6″ and 130lbs Medium: Under 5’8″ and 150lbs Large: Under 6’4″ and 250lbs Extra Large: Under 7’5″ and 300lbs

Question: What if my barrel leaks?

Answer: The barrel is made of American Oak. When wood comes into contact with moisture it swells. We do our very best to seal the barrel, if the barrel starts to leak, contact us and we will send out wax for your barrel.

Question: How do I get in The Ice Barrel?

Answer: It’s recommended to use a step stool or step ladder (use at your own risk).

Question: How often should I change the water in The Ice Barrel?

Answer: As often as you would like. It’s recommended to change water every 3-4weeks.

Question: How much ice should I use and how often should I add ice?

Answer: Add ice with each plunge. It’s recommended to add 10-20lbs of ice per plunge. Although it depends on climate and exposure to the elements.

Question: How to take an ice bath?

Answer: Consult your doctor before use. Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children. Not recommended to exceed 10 minutes in The Ice Barrel. It’s recommended to always have a partner present while taking the plunge. Use at your own risk.

Step 1: Fill The Ice Barrel with water and ice until desired temperature is reached.

Step 2: Get in The Ice Barrel.

Step 3. Get out of The Ice Barrel and let the body respond.


Financing Options Available: Pay as Low as $40/m Dismiss