Research is revealing the numerous
health benefits of taking ice baths:

Cold bathing is a positive natural stressor on the body. Good short burst of stress, like cold therapy, ignites hormesis in the body, which creates a favorable biological response. Some highlights of cold bathing include: 

  • Research shows cold exposure can help with neurodegenerative diseases. 
  • Cold bathing can create a robust positive response in the body. It is unique in that it can promote production of Norepinephrine, which is a versatile hormone and neurotransmitter. Norepinephrine can reduce inflammation, symptoms of arthritis, improve mood, decrease symptoms of depression, and decrease chronic pain.
  • Regular cold bathing can increase the body’s brown fat, and more brown fat is associated with a lower body fat percentage. On the other hand, less brown fat has been found to have a strong correlation to aging and obesity. 
  • Cold bathing can increase mitochondrial biogenesis, ”Mitochondria are what give us the ability to use oxygen in order to produce cellular energy, and if we have more of them, it can be said we may be more adapted to aerobic activity.” (Patrick, 2015) 

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