Introducing The Ice Barrel

A new way to free your mind, and access your full potential

The Ice Barrel is a custom, US made oak barrel, designed for taking ice baths. We created the best quality ice bath so you get the best quality results. We promote a holistic and integrative way of life, through cold exposure.

Quiet Your Mind

It’s more than just a barrel

“A mind too active is no mind at all.”  Theodore Roethke

The cold has a way of quieting the mind and strengthening the body. Allow the cold to push you deeper. The learned ability to focus and maintain balance in life’s challenges is a sacred gift.

Research is revealing the numerous
health benefits of taking ice baths:

Alleviates Depression and Anxiety

The release of norepinephrine in the brain is shown to improve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Lowers Stress

Cold therapy is a form of eustress (good stress), countering the effects of negative stressors, like inadequate sleep, emotional stress, rumination and poor gut health.

Stimulates Weight-Loss

Cold exposure has been associated with lowering body fat percentage and stimulating the growth of brown fat (the “good” fat that burns energy and helps keep us warm).

The Ice Barrel Benefits

Heals the Body

Hormesis is the process of exposing the body to short burst of stress, the body responds by activating a variety of stress response pathways, expressing genes that are already encoded and hardwired in the body.

Improves Brain Function and Mood

Electrical impulses are sent to the brain via the peripheral nervous system which causes a boost in mood and brain function.

Strengthens Immune System

Cold exposure can increase your levels of immune system cells that fight disease and infection.

Reduce StressReduce AnxietyBoost Your MetabolismCreate Emotional Resilience

Stronger, Healthier and Happier

Simple and Practical Practice

I was tired of the cycle of work, stress, sick, recover and repeat. I needed to get free from the consistent stress and health related issues. I decided to try something new. I decided to do a hard reset. Through continual use of The Ice Barrel, I was able to manage stress and conflict in new and controlled ways. My health drastically improved, along with my mood, emotions and brain function. The Ice Barrel has changed my life and propelled me in a direction of wholeness.

–Wyatt Ewing

The New Era of Resilience

challenge yourself, change your health, take the plunge!  

Ask yourself, “Is my health and fitness where I want it to be? Are my relationships thriving? Am I fufilled with my work? Have I found peace with my creator? Quiet your mind and heart. Meditate about it. Don’t seek outward answers, seek inward solutions.

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